What does the sailing week look like?

Welcome to Vinkeveen! You have travelled a long way and have just arrived in this town in the middle of nature (although the cities Amsterdam and Utrecht are only 20 minutes by car).

  • 14:30 You and your child register at the counter. This is where you are told in which room your child will sleep and who the sailing instructor will be. Now you can bring the luggage to the room and have a look around in the building and on the terrain.

  • 15:15 The children gather to meet the sailing instructor and the other children they will be spending the week with. It’s time to kiss mommy and daddy goodbye. The sailing instructor takes the pupils to ‘the island’ to put on the life jackets and start the sailing lesson. Mommy and daddy are invited to join in on a boat trip together with the other parents. On this boat trip you will discover the waters you child will sail on and it could even give you the first opportunity to take photographs of your child in the sailing boat.

  • 17:30 Time to eat! Sailing makes hungry, so we prepare healthy meals that are eaten in the large hall of the sailing school. At every table an instructor makes sure everyone eats enough. We drink water. An allergy or vegan? No problem! We’ll prepare a separate dish for you.

  • 18:00 The pupils sit in the hall and have some time to read or play a board game, table football or piano, relax and socialize.

  • 18:30 Each night of the week a different evening program is organized. A game on the field or an activity on the water. There’s no time to get bored.

  • 21:00 Time for bed to the children up to 12 years old on the first floor of the sailing school. This first night we show the pupils where the emergency exits are. Every bedroom is appointed an instructor to help the pupils get ready for bed at night. This is the same instructor all through the week, so the pupils will feel familiar with this boy or girl and know who to go to in case of a problem. If needed, the pupil is always allowed to phone mommy and daddy.During the night there’s a night watch to make sure everyone get’s a good night sleep.

  • 21:30 Extra evening program for the children aged 12 to 18. These pupils go to bed at 23:00 on the second floor of the sailing school, also under supervision of the instructors.

  • 7:30 The children are woken by the night watch. Everyone gets dressed, remember it is alway a bit colder on the water than it is on land!

  • 8:00 Breakfast is served. Typical Dutch bread with a choice of sweet spreads, cheese and ham or salami. Accompanied by an ‘extra’: raisin bread or a sweet yoghurt. There’s is also yoghurt and muesli for the pupils who are not used to eat bread in the morning. We drink tea and milk. Bread for lunch is made as well.

  • 9:00 The sailing lessons continue. Exercises are adapted to the sailing level of the pupils, but there’s also time to play a game and drink lemonade.At the end of the week every pupil is receives a CWO or VDWS certificate and we end the week with a barbeque and party night. The pupil can be pickup up either at Friday night or Saturday morning.